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Mercurial Indigo


Oxley Meier Guitar Project   

Pete Oxley on all sorts of guitars

(Jazz guitar, nylon 7 string guitar, acoustic nylon & steel string guitars,

sitar-guitar, electric 12 strings guitars and E-bow electric guitar)

Nicolas Meier on some other guitars

(nylon fretted & fretless string & steel string guitars,

12 strings guitar & glissentar)

Raph Mizraki - fretted and fretless electric basses and double bass

Paul Cavaciuti – drums

OM NYE1.jpg

For more info

Mercurial Indigo MGPCD26


1. The Silver Surface of the Sea* (6:41)

2. Rainbows+ (7:37)

3. Spice Bazaar+ (7:36)

4. Mercurial Views* (7:04)

5. The Surging Waves* (8:48)

6. A Visit to Heaven+ (5:55)

7. The Pulse* (9:02)

8. Crossroads+ (7:10)

9. The Dance of Light* (4:44)

10. Timeless+ (8:16)


* written by Pete Oxley (PRS)

+ written by Nicolas Meier (SUISA)


Recorded in February 2023 at Masterlink Productions

by James Welch and at MGP Studios by Nicolas Meier. Mixed at SultanSound by Adrian Zolotuhin & Pete Oxley. Mastered at Early Doors Studios by Marco Meniconi. Design by Nicolas Meier & Miguan.

Paintings by Songul Yilmaz-Meier


Photography by Jutta Walcher (band)

& by Rafael Yabir Bemyayat Perez (duo).

Produced by Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier.

All compositions © & ℗ 2020-2021,

P. Oxley (PRS) N. Meier (SUISA)

Unauthorised duplications prohibited by law

More info on:

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OM NYE1.jpg
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