Welcome to the Live Streaming Guitar Fest

DECEMBER 3rd to 13th, 2020

I am so pleased to present to you all these wonderful talented guitarists!!! They performed an hour of music for you in your home!!!


Chris Montague, Hannes Riepler, Ant law,

Giorgio Serci, Matt Chandler, Carl Orr, Nigel Price,

Clement Regert, Dominic Ashworth, Pete Roth,

Dave Preston, Pete Oxley, Chris Allard, Maciek Pysz, 

Francesco Lo Castro and Nicolas Meier 

Enjoy and be generous :-) !!!


Your Host



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3) More ways to donate: meiergroup@hotmail.com

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The Live Streaming Guitar Fest PROGRAM:

1) DONE: Thursday  3rd - The Nicolas Meier World Trio

Demi Garcia on percussion

Kevin Glasgow on bass

Nicolas Meier on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.meiergroup.com

2) DONE: Friday 4th - Carl Orr & Nicolas Meier

Carl Orr on Guitar

Nicolas Meier on Guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.carlorr.com

3) DONE: Saturday 5th - Chris Allard & Ross Stanley

Chris Allard on guitar

Ross Stanley on piano

Video: youtube

Website: www.chrisallard.co.uk

4) DONE: Saturday 5th - Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier

Pete Oxley on guitar

Nicolas Meier on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.meiergroup.com/oxley-meier

5) DONE: Sunday 6th - Ant Law & Chris Montague

Ant Law on Guitar

Chris Montague on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.antlaw.co.uk

Video: youtube

Website: www.chrismontaguemusic.com

6) DONE: Sunday 6th - Clement Regert & Maciek Pysz


Clement Regert on guitar

Maciek Pysz on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.wildcardmusic.com

Video: youtube

Website: www.maciekpysz.com

7) DONE: Thursday 10th - Dominic Ashworth & Dave Suttle


Dominic Ashworth on guitar

Dave Suttle on bass

Video: youtube

Website: www.dominicashworth.eu

7.5) DONE: Extra!!! Friday 11th - Francesco Lo Castro & Nicolas Meier 


Francesco Lo Castro on guitar

Nicolas Meier on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.flocastro.com

8) DONE: Friday 11th - Dave Preston & Kevin Glasgow


Dave Preston on guitar

Kevin Glasgow on bass

Video: youtube

Website: www.prestonglasgowlowe.com

9) DONE: Saturday 12th - Pete Roth & Laurence Cottle

Pete Roth on guitar

Laurence Cottle on bass

Video: youtube

Website: www.roth-academy.com

10) DONE: Saturday 12th - Hannes Riepler & Oli Hayhurst

Hannes Riepler on Guitar

Oli Hayhurst on bass

Video: youtube

Website: www.hannesriepler.com

11) DONE: Sunday 13th - Matt Chandler & Nicolas Meier

Matt Chandler on guitar

Nicolas Meier on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: mattchandlerguitar.com

12) DONE: Sunday 13th - Nigel Price & Giorgio Serci


Nigel Price on guitar

Giorgio Serci on guitar

Video: youtube

Website: www.nigelprice.biz

Video: youtube

Website: www.giorgioserci.com

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