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Jazz a Juan Revelation 2006

“Grand Prize of the Jury” and “1st Prize Jazz Guitar”

Reviews for:


Package including Magnificent, Stories and Live

“All Splendid, beguiling and perhaps even yes, Magnificent!”

Andy Robson

Jazzwise Magazine 4/5*

“Meier’s scintillating playing on assorted fretted and fretless guitars is sometimes reminiscent of Metheny or McLaughlin but with a highly melodic, pan-Mediterranean eclecticism of his own...”

Jim Gilchrist (Scotsman4/5*)


“…and it might be his most impressive yet.”

George W. Harris


 “…This set is a perfect…”

Guitarist 8/10*


“… very sophisticated musical journey… careful arrangements… extraordinary compositions. “

Marcin Puławski

“ Nicolas Meier is one of the most virtuoso artists on the acoustic guitar”

"With 'Magnificent' Nicolas Meier has definitely once again created a masterpiece of acoustic guitar music that fans of this genre should not miss."

Roland Leicht


“The three albums complement each other nicely, and there is plenty of variety (and superb music) to please the listener. It’s jazz at the intersection of gypsy, flamenco, rock and the Middle East, and it works really well.”

George Cole

“This collection often suggests a wellspring of ideas and experiences in Nicolas Meier’s head and fingers that had been waiting for an opportunity to burst out.”

John Fordham.

“Stunningly opulent album.”

“Always solid and occasionally breathtaking, this is a production fans of instrumental jazz and world music really should take the time to inspect, as it is, indeed, magnificent.”

Olav "Progmessor" Björnsen, 6/6*

“Meier perfectly conveys the melodic flexibility and rhythmic variety characteristic of Turkish music, and the virtuosity of the guitarist gives his compositions an additional brilliance.“


"Le résultat est impressionnant."

Georg Modestin, Jazz'n more


“Nicolas Meier is a remarkable, wide-ranging guitar virtuoso. I can confidently recommend his gigantic music album to lovers of guitar ar.t”

Varga Bendegúz

"... Meier is not only one of the best and most unique guitar players around (ask Jeff Beck who hired him), but perhaps more importantly an incredible composer, who is able to weave a completely natural amalgam of Jazz and World music, which is incorporating influences from European and Middle Eastern Cultures in a most inimitable way."

"... he also plays brilliantly, both on acoustic and electric guitars, in perfect harmony with his group or as a soloist. He is one of the most melodic guitarists, shunning needles guitar pyrotechnics but putting his soul into the strings entirely."


" Overall, this is a superb 3CD set that offers incredibly beautiful music, which is heaven on earth for the Jazz-World Fusion enthusiasts. Brilliant melodies and excellent playing from start to finish make this an irresistible package. Enjoy!"

"Virtuoso guitarist Nicolas Meier is treating guitar lovers to a triple album of superb music. Nicolas Meier is an outstanding musician and composer. His music incorporates multiple influences, bringing together jazz fusion, world music and other sounds."

Angel Romero,

"The end result is polished and extremely impressive in several ways – most notably the manner in which Meier mimics the timbres of different instruments with his guitar and glissentar (electric guitar/oud hybrid). Richard Jones’ violin tone, use of extended techniques and jazz language is sophisticated; Demi García Sabat’s percussion is dynamic and sensitive, and Kevin Glasgow’s bass playing follows and complements the melodies impeccably."

"It’s certainly interesting to hear the ways in which Meier incorporates elements of different traditions into his music... flitting from flamenco to bossa to French musette; nevertheless woven together with some masterful playing."

Tom Newell,

The fine interactions between the rich guitar sound (Godin glissentar, fretless, 12-string), violin and oriental rhythms form a unique and spatial experience. A discovery!

Bernard Lefèvre,

More reviews to come

"Magnificient" played on

Swiss Jazz Radio


Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA, Luxembourg 

Helen Mayhew, Jazz FM’s True Brit

Chris Philips, Jazz FM’s The Blueprint

Sarah Ward, Jazz FM’s The Sarah Ward Collection

Jay Phelps, Jazz FM’s Somethin’ Else

Radio Bremen, Bremen Zwei

Radio Fribourg



Taint Radio

Jazz from Gallery 41


Reviews for:

STORIES (2021)

“…there is no escaping his brilliance and creativity…”


“... his Stories from the garden to the immortal theme of The Godfather, passing through the historic La Vie en Rose and the Metallica tribute of Nothing else matters, all smooth jazzy moments, rich in taste and decidedly brilliant.”

Luigi Cattaneo

Reviews for:

LIVE (2020)

"Exciting from the first to the last second and with a Nicolas Meier World Group in top form. Highest recommendation!"


"Like so many artists, "live" is where it’s at for Meier. His buoyant stage presence, the range of colors he eases from his choir of guitars and related instruments, and the passion he has for his unique meld of Turkish, Balkan and jazz modes make his gigs a vibrant experience, a mezzo of the marvelous. And the band aren’t bad either."

Jazzwise Andy Robson 

"Being Peaceful ain’t easy; it takes commitment, discipline, technique. It’s Meier’s art to shape those qualities and magic them invisible, leaving the tranquility to breathe through…"

Jazzwise Andy Robson 

"Indeed the music from that album, which forms the bulk of the material on this new live recording,  is probably best appreciated in the crucible of the live environment.

I took the opportunity of doing just this at the 2019 EFG London Jazz Festival. Meier and the World Group played a show in the Culford Room at Cadogan Hall to a packed and highly supportive audience.  In this atmosphere the material from “Peaceful” appeared to grow in stature, the compositions, already strong in terms of melody and sophistication, taking on an added dynamism in the live environment to produce music that was technically dazzling and genuinely exciting.

Seeing this music being played in the flesh heightened one’s appreciation of the skills of the musicians, four genuine virtuoso, led by Meier on a dizzying array of guitars."


"The quartet's technical stature is enormous, the plots are melodic, complex and dynamic, you can also perceive a certain fun in playing songs like Adiguzel and Caravan of Anatolia."

Luigi Cattaneo,



Reviews for:

Peaceful (2019)


"In his world music explorations, Meier’s also moved torward a less effect-laden approach, and by freeing himself of a drum set he’s opened up wides spaces, richly colored by Garcia’s percussion."

Jazzwise Andy Robson 

"Meier composed a set of attractive pieces for Peaceful, full of strong melodies and diverse rhythms. Despite the eclectic range of stylistic influences, the program sounds cohesive, a tribute to the band's excellent musicianship. Meier is a brilliant guitarist, and is joined by three equally strong players. Percussionist Demi Garcia deserves special mention. While he takes no solos, his empathetic support and mastery of so many different styles are major factors in the album's success."

All About Jazz, Mark Sullivan

"A musical journey in nine stages with titles that clearly reflect the different stops. You do not have to look far to find what influences are 'Besiktas Cafe', 'Manzanita Samba "or" Caravan Of Anatolia'.Gitarist Nicolas Meier (Jeff Beck, Vinnie Colaiuta) knows the tricks of the trade in order to streamlined melodies colors with the right "couleur locale". He also remains a master in the art of framing the boundaries between very accessible jazz and responsible pop with a high degree of virtuosity."


"For connoisseurs of Jazz-World Fusion this album is an unconditional must. Completely wholeheartedly recommended!

Adam Baruch

"On his album “Peaceful” the leader has raised the tonal palette of this production, especially with the contribution of violinist Richard Jones, whose instrument's interaction with the guitar is a welcome addition color brought into the group sound."

Jazz’n More, Georg Modestin


Reviews for:
Infinity (2016)

"If you see nylon string guitar as a tame cousin in the six-string family, check this album out and prepare to have your preconceptions challenged." Acoustic Magazine

"The choir of guitars he employs lend him an almost unique voice, especially as he favours fretless instruments that allow him to explore micro-tones, blends, slurs and sudden runs that dazzle and delight." Jazzwise Magazine


"It's rare to come across a musician whose vision for his instrument is so vastly expansive as that of Swiss-born Nicolas Meier. Even rarer still is finding a level of creative brilliance, precision and almost reverential sensitivity, delivered with conviction and authority!!!"

Drumhead Magazine

"The sounds are mostly gloriously pastoral, and will be a delight for anyone looking for an intriguing new outlook."

Jazz Weekly

"Surprise your friends with this beautiful melodic masterpiece.  One of the best albums of 2016 !!"

"The beautifully melodic compositions, deeply rooted in the eastern mysticism and heavily spiced with Oriental tonality, are all delightful from start to finish.

Meier proves again not only his abilities as an instrumentalist and composer, but most importantly his open-minded approach to music and the effort to explore and discover new areas and create new cross-genre and cross-culture amalgams. The resulting work is moving and exciting and should be able to delight all true music connoisseurs, especially those who love the combination of Jazz improvisations and exotic World Music themes. Absolutely brilliant stuff!"


"If this album is anything to go by, I even more deeply regret that the previous album from Nicolas Meier somehow got lost in the mail. Because as far as instrumental (guitar oriented) music goes, this should count as the prime example of how to do that. And while part of that might be attributed to Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass, the sounds, melodies and solos coming from Meier are a feast for the ears."

"In terms of jazz-rock fusion, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Swiss-born guitar maestro Nicolas Meier delivers a fabulous set of instrumental pieces filled with memorable guitar work and outstanding interplay with bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta.

What catches your attention quickly is the versatility of Meier. He uses a wide range of guitars and also the Turkish blaglama. With his arsenal or acoustic and electric axes, Meier treats the listener to state of the art fusion where jazz and rock meet Turkish, Egyptian, Balkan and Spanish musical influences."

"Sheer mastery from Nic Meier on new album with Jimmy Haslip & Vinnie Colaiuta."


Reviews for:
Kismet (2013)


"...the arrangements and solos are inventive, repaying attentive listening, and the ensemble interactions are tight and punchy." 5***** Performance, 5***** Recording!!! 
Barry Witherden, BBC Magazine


"Meier is not only one of the jazz world's most exciting guitarists, he's also one of its more prolific recording artists. 4****"
Bruce Lindsey. All About Jazz


"Meier’s best album to date from the opening unstudied arrangement of ‘Giant Steps’ to the excellent rendition of Django Reinhardt classic ‘Nuages’, a joyous take on ‘Besame Mucho’ and more besides, Kismet, with Meier’s characteristic flamenco and Turkish music influences as well as his extraordinary technique, here only ever at the disposal of the music, is a must. Highly recommended 4****"
Stephen Graham, Marlbank


" is Meier’s unique blend of Eastern and jazz sounds that constantly surprises, especially on originals like “October in Ankara”, an old fave re-recorded"."
Andy Robson, Jazzwise


"...the opening take on Coltrane’s Giant Steps, complete with flamenco-esque hand-claps is a real statement of the quality that continues throughout the whole album. Highly remmended."


"...Kismet confirms Meier's guitar class and his jazz credentials... ...his Django Reinhardtesque agility surfaces in Turkish-influenced tunes such as the breathless Adiguzel and October in Ankara."
John Fordham, the Guardian


"There is something optimistic and generous in Meier’s playing, whether he’s highlighting the gypsy roots of “Nuages” or adding Spanish flavours and handclaps to “Giant Steps”."
Andy Robson, Jazzwise


"...a beautifully realised project." " String players Lizzie Ball (violin) and cellist Bernard Gregor-Smith add earthy hues to Meier’s compositional palette making Kismet an excellent addition to this year’s many new releases."
Russel, Bebop Spoken Here


"London-based Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier returns with an intimate sounding recording of pan-Mediterranean grooves, inspired in part by his travels in Turkey ,and other parts of southern Europe." 4**** 
Tim Stenhouse


Reviews for:

From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile (2013)

"The virtuosity is jaw-dropping and the sound is so big that you keep expecting to hear the roar of the stadium applause. A real trip."

SH, HifiNews

"Meier's desire to mix musics from across Europe and the Middle East shows no sign of abating. As From Istanbul To Ceuta With A Smile demonstrates, it shows no sign of becoming stale or repetitive either. Meier uses his extended group to expand his musical range with great success—and with a smile."
Bruce Lindsey, AllAboutJazz


“Meier is a talented improviser who combines control of delicate detail with poise at speed...”
John Fordham, The Guardian


"Embracing many styles of music from several different corners of the globe Meier has created a colourful hybrid of his own that blends instrumental virtuosity with bright, colourful compositions and arrangements. It’s a beguiling mix that is superbly played by an excellent ensemble, each of the musicians involved deserves credit with everyone bringing something to the party..."
Ian Mann, JazzMann


"The virtuosity is jaw-dropping and the sound is so big that you keep expecting to hear the roar of stadium applause. A real trip.""
Hi-Fi Mag


"Long ago, when the world was younger and far more innocent, a British TV commercial challenged its viewers. Take a particular brand of fruit pastille (Rowntree's, to be specific), place it in the mouth, resist the temptation to chew. So deliciously fruity was the pastille that such resistance would be futile. A similar challenge might be initiated for From Istanbul To Ceuta With A Smile, from the Swiss-born, UK-based guitarist Nicolas Meier. Take the album, press Play, listen, resist the temptation to smile."
Bruce Lindsey, AllAboutJazz


”It's heartfelt, personal and often vivacious music...”
John Fordham, The Guardian


"...there's no doubting that this is authentic Meier music: in a world where difference is increasingly met with fear and aggression, the guitar man's celebratory embrace of all that is different in world music deserves a resounding hurrah."
Andy Robson, Jazzwise


"There are few out there doing what Meier is doing and probably none doing it as convincingly well. If you like a strong "world" element to your jazz, this is - forgive the awful pun - very Moorish and definitely more-ish."
Dave Foxall, Jazz Journal


"The musicians are virtuosic as individuals and together they're superb. Meier blends a heady mixture of cultures and styles, and I'm still finding new things to listen to in this recording."
Alison Bentley, London Jazz News


"...Meier's solos, though still bogglingly full of notes, are now placed with a sense of drama and purpose that gives his voice a greater clarity."
Andy Robson, Jazzwise


"This is kind of a musical travelogue from Turkey through North Africa to Spain and back again with Meier offering up his usual seamlessly blended fusion of different ethnic music traditions and an improvising jazz sensibility."
Dave Foxall, Jazz Journal


"Mediterranean World Jazz and an adventurous Turkish-Spanish-Arab-Jewish mix of styles, catchy, spirited, energetic, almost "al dente".
Jürg Sommer, NorthEstSchweiz


"Quality playing for sure, with rigorous improvisation teased out winningly on tracks such as ‘The Gate’"
Stephen Graham, Marlbank


"Ensemble playing and soloing are phenomenal. Meier himself stands out with his superb, fluid improvs."


"This is intelligent, organic Turkish-meets-Flamenco-meets-jazz fusion, where the jazz does not become secondary. Meier also again clearly demonstrates why he is indubitably still the leading younger guitar talent on the British scene."


"As consistent as one has every right to take for granted from Meier and associates, From Istanbul To Ceuta With A Smile is a riveting album that will not let go. Brilliant as it is exquisite. Hauntingly beautiful."


"It's difficult to associciate guitarist Nic Meier with any one specific style..."
David Mead, Guitar Techniques


"Nicolas Meier’s music is deeply evocative.""
Tim Stenhouse, UK Vibe


Reviews for:

Journey (2011)

"…compositionally, technically and artistically it’s in a league of its own."
Jazz Uk

"…courtesy of Meier's imaginative compositional vision and – most important – his extraordinary but wholly unassuming virtuosity on a range of instruments, from his favoured nylon-stringed guitar to the lute-like glissentar, this album is both immediately striking and richly rewarding. Warmly recommended."
Chris Parker, Vortex

""Journey" ambitiously ups the ante on its predecessor, "Silence Talks", by unfolding as a continuous suite that travels from “Sunrise” (the opening part to “Sunset” (the closer)."
"Meier plays for both heart and head, thoughtfully tracing out sinuous melodic lines before building to his customary improvisatory blur and adding fresh colours by switching to baglama and the lute-like glissentar."
Robert Shore, Jazzwise

"Meier opts for an attractive acoustic tone somewhere between a lute, an oud and Django Reinhardt's guitar…"
John Fordham, the Guardian

"Meier's own playing brings to mind the cultural breadth found in the work of John McLaughlin… A beautiful album beyond frontiers."
Chris May, AAJ

"Meier has a fluid and precise touch, whether playing slow and delicate lines on the glissentar during "Promenade in the Lantern Garden" or fast and driving single note solos on "Summit" or "Marble Dance." Journey is a distinctive album—even the packaging, featuring the art of Songul Meier, is a treat. Each musician adds their own unique perspective to Meier's writing and playing to create an original and engaging work."
Bruce Lindsey, AAJ

"…a masterful piece of work."
David Mead, Guitar Techniques

"Conceived as a single entity “Journey” is an album to be listened to in it’s entirety. Like any journey there are plenty of twists and turns along the way and Meier and his group offer a wide range of moods, colours and textures many of them highly exotic to Western ears. The writing is imaginative and colourful and decidedly cinematic in it’s scope and the playing from an exceptionally talented band is magnificent throughout. “Journey” sees Meier blending his various influences into a coherent and highly personalised whole that is also wholly satisfying to the listener. There are some great tunes here and this is an album that deserves to be heard by a wide audience."
Ian Mann, Jazzmann

"Journey is a well thought out scheme, moving from an evocative ‘Sunrise’ to the brief closing ‘Sunset’ by way of a series of varied, strikingly colourful stopping points en route."
Kenny Mathieson, The List

"Undoubtedly Meier’s best CD so far."

"…Meier has a gift for wiry, stealthy melodies that move with real grace, whether they are in straight 4/4 or a not so straight 7/4"
Kevin Legendre, Echoes

"… as Meier plucks out his final messaging notes on the brief finale Sunset, you feel as a listener that you have been a part of this travelling company for all 53 minutes of this compelling album."
Chris Searle, Morning Star

"…fine playing, now meditative, now flowing, all round."
Michael Trucker, Jazz Journal

"This somewhat epic musical tableaux is book-ended by Meier’s languorous flamenco guitar – a segue into modal jazz signals beginnings, a fade into silence journey’s end. The centre, though, is a richly atmospheric mix of fusion-jazz and middle-eastern traditions."
Mike Hobart, FT


Reviews for:

Breeze (2011)

"The result is an imaginative and creative recording that further establishes Nicolas Meier's reputation as one of the finest guitarists on the contemporary jazz scene."
Bruce Lindsay, All about Jazz

"...on his latest project which has both a Spanish and eastern Mediterranean flavour, has come up with arguably his finest project thus far and one likely to reach a wider audience. ntinues to rise."
Tim Senhouse, Uk Vibe

"The Swiss axeman has established his virtuosic versatility on previous projects but it’s hard not to be bowled over by how thoroughly at ease he sounds in such diverse settings and repertoires on this set. His star continues to rise."
Robert Shore, Jazzwise

"Throughout its eleven tracks, "Breeze" justifies its title courtesy of the apparent ease and naturalness with which Meier and his bands approach relatively complex and varied material; for controlled passion and fire, as well as unassuming virtuosity, the album should be ranked alongside the work of two of Meier's great inspirations, John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny."
Chris Parker, Vortex

"Meier must be one of the most lyrical and affecting acoustic guitar players there is, with a technical precision that leaves many more established players standing in his wake. He also demonstrates an economy that ensures every note has impact. There is never any sense that Meier is simply showing off his technical ability; if a phrase only needs four or five notes, he only plays four or five notes."
Bruce Lindsay, All about Jazz

"…it outlines successfully the two sides of this remarkable player's style without ever forfeiting originality."
David Mead, Guitar Techniques

"Breeze enhances the reputations of everyone involved in its production. Meier's undoubted mastery of his chosen instruments is clear, but there is more to his playing. Meier combines this mastery with an ability to connect emotionally with the music and, in so doing, ensures that Breeze stands out for its warmth and humanity—in the end, a far more important quality."
Bruce Lindsay, All about Jazz

The Nicolas Meier Trios' Breeze is a thoroughly consistent, solid album and consistently brilliant. One of the very finest and most exciting jazz guitar albums for a long while, every single track has its own attractions and delights. The resulting whole is simply sensational.”
Richard (

Reviews for:

Silence Talks (2009), Yuz (2008), and Orient (2006)... 

"Silence Talks is a musically fresh and beautifully recorded unplugged triumph" 4****
John Fordham (The Guardian)

"...intense ensemble work over which Meier unleashed fiery but meticulous rapid passages..." 4****
Robert Doerschuk (DownBeat)

"Exquisitely recorded, the four-piece band create a big sound with Nicolas’s (nylon-string) guitar taking centre stage as he effortlessly burns or languishes over the varied tempos and moods"
Guitarist Magazine, 4****

"“Silence Talks” speaks volumes for the talents of this multi-faceted band"
Andy Robson (Jazzwise)

"Since John McLaughlin melted frets with the Mahavishnu Orchestra we have become used to frenetic guitar-led groups. None, however, quite mixes styles and sounds like that of Meier, a Swiss player as happy in flamenco and Arab melodies as he is in Western jazz"
John Bungey (The Times) 4****

"Meier's technique is phenomenal. Dextrous and vigorous, favoring giddily-fast fingered, serpentine single note runs, it is musicianly in the best sense of the word"
Chris May (All about Jazz)

"Meier is elegant in tone and bubbling with ideas... his originality as a writer, a player and a team leader dispatches any doubts"
John Fordham (The Guardian)

" Meier should be praised for making an accessible record from his fascination with remote regions..."
Tom Barlow (Jazzwise Magazine)

"Nicolas Meier leads a group featuring a phenomenal line-up and his latest album, "Orient", mixes jazz with Middles Eastern spice"
Mike Butler (Metro)


"Orient is a seductive balance of strong themes, inventive improvising and dynamic variety"
John Fordham (The Guardian)


"Nicolas is an excellent guitarist who plays in the fusion/funk-post bop tradition. The Meier Group is an extension of his compositional talents, a great, tight group with a burnin' young guitarist out front. That's a combination that's worth watchin' out for, so watch out for the Meier Group! "
Mark White(Associate Professor of guitar, Berklee College of Music and MMC recording artist)


"La creativite et l'homogeneite complices des musiciens font de cette formation un "must" a placer d'urgence dans les discographies les plus exigentes."
Max Jendly (composer and teacher of the Conservatory of Fribourg)


" Talented young people who make great music and deserve to be better known "
Mike Zwerin(International Herald Tribune and trombonist)


"Decouvert au festival de Montreux, Nicolas Meier fait partie de la nouvelle generation de guitaristes talentueux, soucieux d'une production raffinee donnant un jazz alerte, a la ligne melodique recherchee, et aux diverses influences parfaitement integrees et s'inscrivant dans le language commun du Meier Group."
Patrick Fremeaux & Rolf Knussel


"The Meier Group. Classy Metheny-esque Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier is now a Londoner, and mixing fusion and Turkish music with the horns of Gilad Atzmon and Dave O’Higgins – way above the usual world-jazz formula."
John Fordham, The Guardian and Jazz UK
JAZZ WISE, December 2005

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