Nicolas Meier World Group Tour 2020-2021

• January 17th, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK

• February 1st, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK

• February 9th, Jazz East, Felixstow, UK

• February 16th, Colchester Arts center, UK

• February 17th, Bexley Jazz Club, UK

• February 23rd, The Oval Tavern, Croydon, UK

• February 29th, Jazz UK Center, Southend-on-Sea, UK

postpone due to Coronavirus

• March 17th, Twickenham Jazz Club, UK

• March 20th, Victory Club, Cheltenham, UK

• March 29th, The Troubadour, Earls' Court, UK

• June 5th, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK, TBC

• June 14th, Filo Pub, Hastings, UK

• June 27th, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK

• June 28th, The Oval Tavern, Croydon, UK

• September 14th, Bexley Jazz Club, UK

During the Lockdown Nicolas has been doing weekly

Live Stream concerts... check

• August 3-8th, Saarwellingen Jazz workshop, Germany​

• September 11th, Burford Hall, Burford, UK

• October 17th, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK

• October  29th, Shepperton Jazz Club, UK

Live Streaming :

• December 22nd, Jazz Ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany

• December 23rd, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland


• Feb 6th, The Verdict Jazz Club, Brighton, UK

• May 8th, Guildford Jazz Festival, UK

• July 16th, Swinging in the Wind Jazz festival, Estavayer-le-lac, CH

• September, ST-Ives Festival, St-Ives, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier

"The Alluring Ascent" Tour 2020-2021

• February 7th, private party, London, UK

• March 3rd, 606 Jazz Club, London, UK

• March 6th, The Fleece Jazz Club, Stoke by Nayland, UK

• March 8th, Market Harborough, UK

• March 9th, Guildford Institute, UK

• March 12th, Cambridge Jazz Club, UK

• September 17th, 9pm, Live Streaming on

• October 4th, Chandos Arms, Collindale, London, UK


• October 9th, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK


• November 6th, Ribble Valley Jazz Club, UK (LS)

• November 13th, GAP, Goring on Thames, UK (postponed)


• April 22nd, Coventry, UK

• April 23rd, Wakefield Jazz Club, UK (TBC)

• April 24th, Peggy's Skylight, Nottingham, UK (TBC)

• May 15th, The Flavel Theatre, Dartmouth, UK

• May 17th, Beavers Inn, Appledore, UK

• May 18th, St-Ives Jazz Club, UK

• May 19th, Fougou Jazz, Torbay, UK

• June 4th, Ribble Valley Jazz Club, UK 

• September 24th, Scarborough Jazz Festival, UK

Seven7 «The Follower» 2020

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Big Autumn tour coming up!!!!


Nicolas Meier World Group Tour 2019

• January 26th, Garsington, UK

• February 20th, Bournemouth Jazz club, UK

• February 21st, Guildford Institute Concert Serie, UK

• February 23rd, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• February 26th, Ronnie's Scotts, London, UK

• March 3rd, Jazz East, Felixstow, UK

• April 26th, Burford Hall, Burford, UK

• April 27th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• June 3rd, Guildford Institute Concert Serie, UK

• August 5-11th, Saarwellingen Jazz workshop, Germany​

New Album "Peaceful" Tour 2019

• August 24th, Woodstock Festival, UK​

• August 31st, Oliver's Jazz, Greenwich, UK​

• September 30th, Hamburg, Germany

• October 1st, Bremen, Germany

• October 3rd, Swansea Festival, UK

• October 4th, Witney Jazz Club, Witney, UK​

(Japan dates postponed due to Typhoon)

• October 12th, Motioned Blue , Yokohama, Japan

• October 13th, Nagoya, Japan

• October 20th, Jazz Nights, Clare, Suffolk, UK

• October 31st, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK

• November 1st, CICCIC, Taunton, UK

• November 2nd, Calstock, UK

• November 3rd, Ashburton, UK

• November 4th, Beavers Inn, Appledore, UK

• November 5th, St-Ives Jazz club, UK

• November 7th, Guildford Institute, Guildford, UK

• November 9th, The Bear, Luton, UK

• November 10th, The Boater, Kingston, UK

• November 14th, Beckenham Jazz Club, UK

• November 15th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK

• November 16th, Map Cafe, Camden, UK

• November 19th, Brentwood Jazz Club, UK

• November 22nd, Cadogan Hall, London, UK

• November 25th, Snowdrop, Lewes, UK

• December 3rd, The Stables, Wavendon, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier

"The Alluring Ascent" Tour 2019-2020

• March 1st, The Bear, Luton, UK

• March 6th, 606 Jazz Club, London ALBUM LAUNCH, UK

• March 7th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK

• March 8th, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK

• March 9th, Zeffirelli's, Amblesides, UK

• March 11th, Lewes Jazz Club, UK

• March 12th, Hastings Jazz Club, UK

• March 14th, Poole Jazz Club, UK

• March 15th, Bridport Arts Center, UK

• March 16th, Verdict, Brighton, UK

• March 17th, Chandos Arms, Collindale, N London, UK

• March 18th, Guildford, UK

• March 20th, Swansea Jazz Club, UK

• March 21st, Narberth, UK

• March 22nd, Tolman Centre, Falmouth, UK

• March 23rd, CICIC, Taunton, UK

• March 24th, Duke of Cornwall, Plymouth, UK

• March 24th, (evening) Frome, UK

• March 25th, Beaver inn, Appledore Jazz Club, UK

• March 27th, Fougou Jazz, Brixham, UK

• March 29th, Illminster Arts Centre, UK

• March 30th, Ashcroft Arts centre, UK

• April 1st, Kenilworth, UK

• April 5th, Didcot., UK

• April 6th, Hadleigh, UK

• April 7th , Lowestoft, UK

• April 20th, Worton Organic Farm, UK

• May 9th, Harwich, UK

• May 10th, Cadogan Hall, London, UK

• May 12th, BerkshireMaestros, UK

• May 21st, Twickenham Jazz club, Twickenham, UK

• May 24th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium

• May 25th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium

• June 1st, Lichfield Jazz and Blues Festival, UK

• June 30th, Pascalou, Paris, France

• July 1st, Paris, France

• July 3rd, Centre Suedois, Paris, France

• July 4th, Choisel, France

• July 5th, Le Reveillon, Normandie, France

• August 23rd, Half Moon, Oxford, UK

• September 29th, Herts Jazz festival, UK

• October 18th, Birmingham, UK

• October 19th, Teignmouth Jazz festival, UK

• December 13th, Vario Bar, Olten, Switzerland

• December 16th, Moods Jazz, Zurich, Switzerland

• December 17th, Jazz Ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany

• December 18th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland

Seven7 «The Follower» 2019

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Big Autumn tour coming up!!!!


Nicolas Meier «Infinity» tour 2018

• January 12th, Oliver's bar Greenwich , UK

• April 10-16th, Jakarta, Indonesia

• May 12th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• June 8th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• June 8th, early set at Ronnie Scott's, UK

• June 9th, early set at Ronnie Scott's, UK

• June 24th, Jazz Nights, Clare, Suffolk, UK

• August 6-12th, Saarwellingen Jazz workshop, Germany

• August 31st, Sauzet, Near Nimes, France

• September 7th, UCD, 11am, Masterclass, Denver, USA

• September 7th, Motif Jazz Cafe, Colorado Springs, USA
• September 8th, 11am, DCYO Castle Rock, USA

• September 8th. Muse Performance, Lafayette, USA

• September 9th, La Cour, Denver, USA

• September 10th, Metro Recital, King Center Recital Hall, USA

• September 11th, Dazzle Jazz Club, Denver, USA

• September 12th, Pueblo Rawlings Library, Pueblo, USA

• September 13th, Cafe Pink House, Saratoga, USA

• September 16th, Baked Potato, LA, USA

• September 29th, Musician Institute, LA, USA

• October 9th, Twickenham Jazz, UK

• October 12th, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK

• November 8th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK

• November 10th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• November 17th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• November 26th, Guildford Institute, Guildford, UK

• December 15th, Azimut, Estavayer, Switzerland

• December 19th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland

• December 21st, Chorus, Lausanne, Switzerland

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Duo-Quartet
"The Colours of Time" Tour 2018

• March 3rd, The Bear, Luton, UK

• March 9th, Ashburton, UK

• March 10th, CICIC, Taunton, UK

• March 11th, Plymouth, UK
• March 12th, Appledore, UK

• March 14th, Stratford upon Avon Jazz Club, UK

• March 16th, Chipperfield Jazz Club, UK

• March 17th, Malvern, UK

• March 23rd, The Fleece, UK

• March 28th, Bournemouth Jazz Club, UK

• March 29th, Hemel Hamstead, UK

​• March 31st, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK

• April 1st, Chandos Arms, North London, UK

• April 4th, Albion Bookshop, Oxford, UK

• April 5th, Leicester Jazz House, Leicester, UK

• April 14th, Normansfield Theatre, Teddington, UK

• April 17th, Norwich Jazz Club, UK

• April 19th, The Spin, Oxford, UK

• April 20th, Charlbury, UK

• April 27th, Sevenoaks, UK

• May 4th, Half Moon, Oxford, UK

• May 13th, Boaters, Kingston, UK

June 1st, REVEILLON, Normandie, France

• June 2nd, Paris, France

June 3rd, Paris, France
June 5th, JACP, Chesnay, Paris, France

• July 8th, Astor Theater, Deal festival, UK

• July 13th, Buxton Festival, UK

• July 14th, Swanage Jazz Festival, UK

• August 14th, Halfmoon, Oxford, UK

• August 15th, 606 jazz club, London, UK

• September 22nd, St-Giles, Oxford, UK

• October 20th, New Milton, UK

• October 23rd, Guildford Jazz Club, Guildford, UK

• October 26th, Harlow Jazz Club, UK

• November 9th, Goring Jazz, Goring, UK


Nicolas Meier «Infinity» tour 2017
• January 28th, Olivers, Greenwich, UK

• February 8th, Passau, Germany

• February 9th, Mampf Frankfurt, Germany

• February 10th, Hot Jazz Club, Munster, Germany

• February 11th, TanteJu, Dresden, Germany

• February 12th, Klub Parnik, Ostrava, CZ
• February 18th, Olivers, Greenwich, UK

• March 2nd, Bandun, Indonesia

• March 3rd, Motion Blue, Jakarta, Indonesia

• March 5th, Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia
• June 5th, Beavers Inn, Appledore, UK
• June 6th, St-Ives Jazz Club, UK

• June 15th, Iridium, NYC, USA

• June 16th, Winery, Pittsburgh. USA

• June 17th, NightTown, Cleveland, USA

• June 18th, Martyrs', Chicago, USA

• June 22th, La Court, Denver, USA

• June 23rd, Castle Rock, USA

• June 24th, Swallow Hill Music, Denver, USA

• June 25th, Workshop, Swallow Hill Music, Denver, USA

• June 28th, Savanna Jazz Club, San Carlo, USA

• July 8th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• July 22nd, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• August 19th, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• September 21st, 606 Club, London, UK

• September 22nd, Oliver's bar Greenwich, UK

• September 24th, Scarborough Jazz Festival, UK

• October 1st, Boaters, Kingston, UK

• November 30th, Dereham, Norwich, UK

Meier-Budjana Europe Tour 2017

• October 5th, Bonnington Theater, Nottingham, UK

• October 6th, The Studio, GLive, Guildford, UK

• October 7th, The Bear Club, Luton, UK

• October 8th, Marsden Jazz Festival, UK

• October 9th, Pizza Express Jazz Club, London, UK

• October 10th, Hastings Jazz Club, Hastings, UK

• October 11th, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

• October 12th, The Spin, Oxford, UK

• October 13th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK

• October 15th, Podium Cafe Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland

• October 16th, Spirit of 66, Vervier, Belgium

• October 17th, Noergelbuff, Goettingen, Germany

• October 20th, La Spirale, Fribourg, Switzerland

• October 21st, Gemeindehalle, Gschwend, Germany

• November 30th, Dereham Jazz Club, Norfolk, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Duo-Quartet
"The Colours of Time" Tour 2017

• January 31st, Bedales, Petersfield, UK
• February 2nd, Crazy Coqs, London, UK ALBUM LAUNCH

• February 5th, Lowestoft Jazz Club, Lowestoft, UK
• February 14th, Dempsey, Cardiff, UK
• February 15th, Swansea Jazzland, Swansea, UK

• February 16th, Aberjazz, Fishguard, UK

• February 19th, North London, UK
• March 7th, Hastings, UK

• March 8th, Chichester College, UK
• March 9th, the Cellar, Pool, UK
• March 10th, Bridport, UK
• March 11th, Lyme Regis Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, UK
• March 16th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK
• March 17th, Birmingham Jazz Club, Birmingham, UK
• March 18th, Forest Arts Cente, New Milton, UK
• March 19th, Ashburton, UK
• March 20th, Appledore Jazz Club, UK
• March 21st, St-Ives Jazz Club, UK
• March 22nd, St-Austell, UK
• March 23rd, B-Bar, Plymouth, UK
• March 25th, CICCIC, Taunton, UK
• March 26th, Bath, UK

• March 28th, Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society, UK
• March 29th, Lescart, Sheffield, UK

• March 30th, Southport Jazz Club, UK
• March 31st, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK

• April 1st, Bonnington, Nottingham, UK
• April 2nd, JazzEast. Felixstowe, UK

• April 3rd, Charity in Oxford, UK

• April 5th, Albion Bookshop, Oxford, UK
• April 13th, Electric Palace, Harwich, UK
• April 15th, Worton Farm, Oxford, UK

• April 25th, Guildford Jazz club, UK

• April 27th, Fisher Theater, Bungay, UK

• April 28th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK

• May 14th, The Boaters, Kingston, UK

• June 8th, Victorinox, 95–96 New Bond Street, London, UK

• November 17th, Cadogan hall, London, UK

• November 18th, St-Gilles, Oxford, UK

• November 21st, Twickenham Jazz Club, UK

• November 23rd, Narbeth, Wales

• November 24th, Oswestry, Wales

• November 25th, Zeffirelli, Amblesides, UK

• November 29th, Haverhill Arts Center, Suffolk, UK

• November 30th, Dereham Jazz Club, Norfolk, UK
• December 1st, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK

• December 2nd, Saffron Walden, UK
• December 3rd, Colchester Art Centre, Colchester, UK

• December 6th, Scarborough Jazz Club, UK

• December 7th, Bradford, UK

• December 8th, Derby Jazz, Derby, UK

• December 9th, Lincoln Jazz Club, Lincoln, UK

• December 13th,Cafe Museum, Passau, Germany

• December 14th, Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany

• December 15th,, Belgium
• December 16th, Eupen Jazz Club, Belgium
• December 17th, Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany 
• December 19th, Jazz ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany
• December 20th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland


Nicolas Meier «Kismet +» Tour
• May 2nd, Bedford Jazz Club, UK
• May 5th, Cambridge Jazz, UK 
• May 29th, London, UK, with Dwiki Dharmawan
• July 3rd, The Boater, Kingston, UK
• July 7th, Jazz Nights Festival, Suffolk, UK
• September 28th, Stratford Jazz Club, Stratford Upon Avon, UK
• October 7th, Clitheroe Jazz Club, UK
• October 18th, Twickenham Jazz Club UK

• October 23rd, Jazz East, Felixstow, UK

• November 4th, The Vortex, London, UK
• November 28th, The Boater, Kingston, UK
• December 21st, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland

Seven7 «The Follower» 2016
• April 11th, Fiddler's Elbow, Camden Town, UK
• April 30th, Zed Music Cafe, Sevenoaks, UK

• September 13th, Lewisham, All Day Metal, London, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Duo, "Chasing Tales" Tour
• February 23rd, Newcastle, UK
• February 24th, Hull, UK
• February 25th, Huddersfield, UK
• February 27th, Litchfield, UK
• February 29th, Ronnie Scotts, London, UK
• March 1st, Ronnie Scotts, London, UK
• March 2nd, Ronnie Scotts, London, UK
• March 3rd, The Spin, Oxford, UK
• March 4th, Ringwood, UK
• March 9th, Plymouth, UK
• March 11th, Calstock Art Center, Calstock, UK
• March 12th, Balcony Theater, Busnham Market, UK
• March 13th, Felixstow, UK 
• March 16th, Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany
• March 17th, Bonn, Germany 
• March 19th, La Spirale, Fribourg, Switzerland
• March 23rd, Dennis Bookshop, Oxford, UK
• March 24th, Cambridge, UK 
• March 26th, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK
• March 31st, Harwich, UK
• April 2nd, Luton, UK
• April 30th, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK
• May 21st, Abdindon Festival, UK
• June 29th, Teignmouth Jazz Club, UK
• June 30th, Otterton Mills, UK
• November 10th, Liverpool, UK
• November 11th, International Guitar Festival of GB, Wiral, UK
• November 12th, Zeffirelli, Amblesides, UK
• November 19th, St-Giles, Oxford, UK

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