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Oxley Meier Guitar Project

Welcome to the Oxley Meier Page

New album "Mercurial Indigo" is ready and the Oxley Meier Guitar Project is ready for a new 2023 tour to present the new music they have been crafting with the help of  Paul Cavaciuti on drums and Raph Mizraki on bass! See you very soon LIVE

Nick and Pete

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Find music, videos, bio and list of our future shows just below!

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier

"New Album" Tour 2023

get your tickets from :

• April 23rd, Plymouth, UK

• May 4th, Teignmouth, UK

• May 5th, Taunton, UK

• May 6th, Fougou Jazz, UK

• May 8th, Appledore Jazz Club, UK

• May 9th, St-Ives, Jazz Club, UK

• May 10th, St Austel Jazz Club, UK

• May 11th, Calstock Jazz, UK

• May 12th, Stamford, UK

• May 13th, Peggy's, Nottingham, UK

• May 14th, Wavenhoe, Colchester, UK

• May 18th, York, UK

• May 19th, Wakefield Jazz, UK

• May 20th, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK

• May 21st, Jazz at the Elephant, North Finchley, UK

• May 24th, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, London, UK

• May 25th, The Spin, Oxford, UK

• May 26th, The Verdict, Brighton, UK

• July 25th, Cadoghan Hall, UK

• July 26th, Petworth Festival, UK

Oxley-Meier Guitar Project

"New Album" Tour 2024

• March 31st, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK

• October 13th, Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, UK

• October 31st, Annecy, France

• Novembre 1st, Chambery Jazz Club, France

• November 2nd, l'Azimut, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland

• November, Chesney, Paris, France (TBC)

New Album & Tour in 2023-24!!!

The Oxley-Meier Guitar Project has continued to be highly productive: following nearly 100 concerts on the back of their album, ‘The Colours Of Time’, and another 80 concerts for "The Alluring Ascent". The new album called "Mercurial Indigo" has 10 new original pieces in their quartet format.


As ever, all of the pieces have been arranged so that they can be performed live in either duo or quartet line-ups. On the album, Pete and Nick have continued to use many varying types of guitars: Fretless 11-string (Glissentar), acoustic and electric 12-strings, slide, 7-string nylon, sitar guitar, fretless guitar, jazz guitars etc.


The Oxley - Meier Guitar project began working in earnest, following their second release in 2015, ‘Chasing Tales’, which was supported by three tours, totaling 90 dates. Pete and Nick then toured the UK and Europe a further four times, promoting ‘The Colours of Time’, also performing at several major jazz festivals over this time.


“This album is a wonderful example of the high level of music that can be made by combining two great guitarists/composers/improvisers such as Pete and Nicolas. They have put together a feast of virtuosity, delivered with depth, wit and joy” ~ Ralph Towner (Oregon etc.)

The above was pertaining to the duo’s double-CD, ‘The Colours of Time’ (MGPrecords CD019). Released in February 2017, this is their most ambitious project to date, in that it is a ‘double’: one disc in duo format, the second in quartet with bass and drums. The release of the album coincided with a major UK tour of 35 dates, which was followed by further touring in the UK and Europe in autumn. With the next album, "The Alluring Ascent" Pete and Nicolas added another 80 concerts in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.


Oxley & Meier were invited by Jazzwise to be the first ever featured artists to have a covermount CD attached to the magazine (December/January 2015/16 edition).

Expect a dazzling display of contemporary fare, ranging from Turkish panache to soundscapes of latin America to English pastoralism. Hear this played on nylon string, steel string, electric, 12 string, fretless, slide, guitar-synth, glissentar guitars and more! 

For their live gigs, the Oxley-Meier Guitar Project aim to entertain by playing with a spontaneity and an intuitive interplay between them that keeps them fresh and fired up from gig to gig. The duo therefore comes to the performance with what they hope are the audiences anticipations: to expect the unexpected!


‘A fascinating fusion opulent with evocative splendour’:  MOJO  ★★★★

(Listed as No. 3 in the top 10 jazz albums of 2015)


‘CD of the week’: The London Evening Standard ★★★★


‘Top ten CDs of the year’: The Telegraph ★★★★


‘’This album captures the lightning in a bottle effect created by the union of two perfectly matched artists and is already the front runner for my album of the year.’:  Jazz Views ★★★★

Pete Oxley  ~ Guitar  

Pete began his musical career in Paris in the mid ‘80s before relocating to the UK in 1997. Shortly afterwards he opened The Spin jazz club in Oxford which in 2012 won the Parliamentary jazz award as ‘The Best Jazz Venue In The UK’. Pete regularly performs with some of the world’s leading jazz artists including Chris Garrick, Gilad Atzmon, Tim Whitehead, Dave O’Higgins, John Etheridge and his own band Curious Paradise. He has now released 14 critically acclaimed CDs featuring his original compositions. 


As a composer, Pete was selected as one of only a handful of British jazz musicians to have his compositions included in the definitive ‘European Real Book’ (Sher Music).

Nicolas Meier  ~ Guitar 

With his unique style that is a blend of Metheny-esque jazz and Turkish inspired world music, Nick has toured extensively around the world with his band the Meier Group. This wonderful band (featuring sax maestro Gilad Atzmon and Dave O'Higgins) won the overall prize for ‘best band’ at the Juan-les-Pins jazz festival! 

His recent album Kismet is a wonderful heady mixture of Flamenco, jazz, Latin and Middle Eastern music. His prodigious jazz talent is matched by his other great passion: playing heavy metal guitar in his scorching group ‘Seven7’.  

Nick was, for the last three years, guitarist in guitar supremo, Jeff Beck’s band, with whom he toured all over the world, performing at major venues and festivals. He has recently recorded a stunning album with the A-lister rhythm section of Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets) and Vinnie Colaiuta  (Sting, Frank Zappa etc.).

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Selected ‘headline’ quotes from reviews of Chasing Tales


“Exemplary” - John Etheridge, February 2015


‘A fascinating fusion opulent with evocative splendour’ MOJO, August 2015  ★★★★


[Chasing Tales]..."turns out to be one of the best guitar albums you will hear all year" - London Evening Standard, February 2015. ★★★★ (CD of the week)


"These are two masterly guitarists... If you love music of any kind you’ll probably fall for this." - The Observer, March 2015.★★★★ 


"Two masterly guitarists creating an array of changing moods." - Daily Telegraph  (Best Jazz Albums Of 2015), March 2015 ★★★★


"...virtuosity across a range of guitars and guitar-related instruments...creating a sense of calm serenity." All About Jazz, March 2015. ★★★★


"This album captures the lightning in a bottle effect created by the union of two perfectly matched artists and is already the front runner for my album of the year." - Jazz Views, March 2015


"Oxley and Meier, two outstanding players...a worthy addition to the guitar duo Hall of Fame." - Bebop Spoken Here, March 2015


"the playing empathy levels are set sky high...Nothing is impossible in terms of the advanced harmonic intuitive flair" - Marlbank, March 2015.


"...The music always communicates with a feeling of spontaneity, passion and enjoyment." - Herald Scotsman, March 2015.


"Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier are two outstanding guitarists...The quality of the two guitarists shines through on the recording" - UK Vibe, March 2015.


"Chasing Tales has a very spontaneous, largely optimistic feel to it. It is very enjoyable." - London Jazz News, March 2015.


“Here’s a fret fest that shouldn’t be allowed to slip under the radar.” - Jazzwise,  April 2015

Past Touring

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier

"The Alluring Ascent" Tour 2021

• Feb 3rd, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, London, UK

• April 10th, Plymouth, UK  (Postponed)

• April 16th, Worton Organic, Oxford, UK

• April 21st, Harwich Jazz, UK

• April 22nd, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK

• April 24th, Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK

• April 27th, 606 Jazz Club, London, UK

• April 28th, Coventry Jazz Club, UK

• May 4th, Saint Pierre d'Entremont, France

• May 5th, Annecy, France

• May 6th, Chambery Jazz Club, France

• May 8th, Les Molieres Jazz Club, France

• May 10th, Chesnay Jazz Club, France

• May 20th, Peggy's Skylight, Nottingham, UK

• May 26th, Guildford Jazz Club, UK

• May 28th, Ludlow Assembly Room, Ludlow, UK

• October 8th, Oxford, UK

• October 9th, Plymouth, UK

• October 9th, Ashburton Arts Centre, UK

• October 25th, Watermill Jazz Club, Dorking, UK

• November 12th, Oxford, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier

"The Alluring Ascent" Tour 2019-2020

• March 1st, The Bear, Luton, UK

• March 6th, 606 Jazz Club, London ALBUM LAUNCH, UK

• March 7th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK

• March 8th, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK

• March 9th, Zeffirelli's, Amblesides, UK

• March 11th, Lewes Jazz Club, UK

• March 12th, Hastings Jazz Club, UK

• March 14th, Poole Jazz Club, UK

• March 15th, Bridport Arts Center, UK

• March 16th, Verdict, Brighton, UK

• March 17th, Chandos Arms, Collindale, N London, UK

• March 18th, Guildford, UK

• March 20th, Swansea Jazz Club, UK

• March 21st, Narberth, UK

• March 22nd, Tolman Centre, Falmouth, UK

• March 23rd, CICIC, Taunton, UK

• March 24th, Duke of Cornwall, Plymouth, UK

• March 24th, (evening) Frome, UK

• March 25th, Beaver inn, Appledore Jazz Club, UK

• March 27th, Fougou Jazz, Brixham, UK

• March 29th, Illminster Arts Centre, UK

• March 30th, Ashcroft Arts centre, UK

• April 1st, Kenilworth, UK

• April 5th, Didcot., UK

• April 6th, Hadleigh, UK

• April 7th , Lowestoft, UK

• April 12th, Foyer SH,  Birmingham, UK (postponed)

• April 20th, Worton Organic Farm, UK

• May 9th, Harwich, UK

• May 10th, Cadogan Hall, London, UK

• May 12th, BerkshireMaestros, UK

• May 21st, Twickenham Jazz club, Twickenham, UK

• May 23rd, Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany

• May 24th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium

• May 25th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium

• June 1st, Lichfield Jazz and Blues Festival, UK

• June 30th, Pascalou, Paris, France

• July 1st, Paris, France

• July 3rd, Centre Suedois, Paris, France

• July 4th, Choisel, France

• July 5th, Le Reveillon, Normandie, France

• August 23rd, Half Moon, Oxford, UK

• September 29th, Herts Jazz festival, UK

• October 18th, Birmingham, UK

• October 19th, Teignmouth Jazz festival, UK

• December 13th, Vario Bar, Olten, Switzerland

• December 16th, Moods Jazz, Zurich, Switzerland

• December 17th, Jazz Ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany

• December 18th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland


• February 7th, private party, London, UK

• March 3rd, 606 Jazz Club, London, UK

• March 6th, The Fleece Jazz Club, Stoke by Nayland, UK

• March 8th, Market Harborough, UK

• March 9th, Guildford Institute, UK

• March 12th, Cambridge Jazz Club, UK

• September 17th, 9pm, Live Streaming on

• October 4th, Chandos Arms, Collindale, London, UK


• October 9th, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK


• November 6th, Ribble Valley Jazz Club, UK (LS)

• November 13th, GAP, Goring on Thames, UK (postponed

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Duo-Quartet

"The Colours of Time" Tour 2018

• March 3rd, The Bear, Luton, UK

• March 9th, Ashburton, UK

• March 10th, CICIC, Taunton, UK

• March 11th, Plymouth, UK
• March 12th, Appledore, UK

• March 14th, Stratford upon Avon Jazz Club, UK

• March 16th, Chipperfield Jazz Club, UK

• March 17th, Malvern, UK

• March 23rd, The Fleece, UK

• March 28th, Bournemouth Jazz Club, UK

• March 29th, Hemel Hamstead, UK

​• March 31st, Worton Organic Farm, Oxford, UK

• April 1st, Chandos Arms, North London, UK

• April 4th, Albion Bookshop, Oxford, UK

• April 5th, Leicester Jazz House, Leicester, UK

• April 14th, Normansfield Theatre, Teddington, UK

• April 17th, Norwich Jazz Club, UK

• April 19th, The Spin, Oxford, UK

• April 20th, Charlbury, UK

• April 27th, Sevenoaks, UK

• May 4th, Half Moon, Oxford, UK

• May 13th, Boaters, Kingston, UK

June 1st, REVEILLON, Normandie, France

• June 2nd, Paris, France

June 3rd, Paris, France
June 5th, JACP, Chesnay, Paris, France

• July 8th, Astor Theater, Deal festival, UK

• July 13th, Buxton Festival, UK

• July 14th, Swanage Jazz Festival, UK

• September 22nd, St-Giles, Oxford, UK

• October 20th, New Milton, UK

• October 23rd, Guildford Jazz Club, Guildford, UK

• October 26th, Harlow Jazz Club, UK

• November 9th, Goring Jazz, Goring, UK

Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Duo-Quartet
"The Colours of Time" Tour 2017

• January 31st, Bedales, Petersfield, UK
• February 2nd, Crazy Coqs, London, UK ALBUM LAUNCH BOOK HERE

• February 5th, Lowestoft Jazz Club, Lowestoft, UK
• February 14th, Dempsey, Cardiff, UK
• February 15th, Swansea Jazzland, Swansea, UK

• February 16th, Aberjazz, Fishguard, UK

• February 19th, North London, UK
• March 7th, Hastings, UK• March 8th, Chichester College, UK
• March 9th, the Cellar, Pool, UK
• March 10th, Bridport, UK
• March 11th, Lyme Regis Marine Theatre, UK
• March 16th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK
• March 17th, Birmingham Jazz Club, Birmingham, UK

• March 18th, Forest Hill Theater, New Milton, UK
• March 19th, Ashburton, UK
• March 20th, Appledore Jazz Club, UK
• March 21st, St-Ives Jazz Club, UK
• March 22nd, St-Austell, UK
• March 23rd, B-Bar, Plymouth, UK
• March 25th, CICCIC, Taunton, UK
• March 26th, Bath, UK

• March 28th, Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society, UK
• March 29th, Lescar, Sheffield, UK

• March 30th, Southport Jazz Club, UK
• March 31st, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK

• April 1st, Bonnington, Nottingham, UK
• April 2nd, JazzEast. Felixstowe, UK

• April 5th, Bookshop, Oxford, UK
• April 13th, Electric Palace, Harwich, UK
• April 15th, Worton Farm, Oxford, UK
• April 18th, Norwich Jazz Club, Norwich, UK

• April 27th, Fisher Theater, Bungay, UK

• April 28th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK

• May 14th, The Boaters, Kingston, UK

• June 8th, Victorinox, 95–96 New Bond Street, London, UK

• September 23rd, West Mailing Festival, UK

• November 17th, Cadogan hall, London, UK

• November 18th, St-Gilles, Oxford, UK

• November 21st, Twickenham Jazz Club, UK

• November 23rd, Narbeth, Wales

• November 24th, Oswestry, Wales

• November 25th, Zeffirelli, Amblesides, UK

• November 29th, Haverhill Arts Center, Suffolk, UK

• November 30th, Dereham Jazz Club, Norfolk, UK
• December 1st, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK

• December 2nd, Saffron Walden, UK
• December 3rd, Colchester Art Centre, Colchester, UK

• December 6th, Scarborough Jazz club, UK

• December 7th, Bradford, Jazz, UK

• December 8th, Derby Jazz, Derby, UK

• December 9th, Lincoln Jazz Club, Lincoln, UK

• December 13th, Cafe Museum, Passau, Germany

• December 14th, Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany

• December 15th,, Belgium
• December 16th, Eupen Jazz Club, Belgium
• December 17th, Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany 
• December 19th, Jazz ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany
• December 20th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland

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